Pure & Natural Handcrafted Naturopathic Skin Care


The holy trio!

Kate (KC) a naturopath & mother, John (JC) a father & business manager and a friend wanted to bring all our life experiences and work skills together. We all had a burning desire to make a difference and give something back. We didn’t simply want to create a product but to also inform people about health & vitality. Hence the Skin Kiss glow in your skin” natural skin care range was born in 2014 from this desire to create, inform and heal.

Inception of creation

The story began decades before with Kate, the naturopathic side of the business, hand making lovely lotions & potions for family & friends. The odd crème would find itself overseas in far off lands like Belgium, Germany & Japan; including in to the hands of Yoko Ono.

Kate- what inspires me to create Skin Kiss

The best things I have ever created in my life are my two daughters. As a mother, my children are simply divine reminders of something so beautiful that words are not enough. This love I feel flows through my life to all that I believe is true & this path has lead me to choose my career in natural medicine. For the sole purpose of healing others & in so doing, one by one, hopefully making a positive impact on the world.

My drive for a transparent & honest market place & my protective nature is a big reason for making my own skin care products. I am alarmed at the extent of the chemical abuse & unsafe labelling laws that are not benefiting our health nor that of our children and, if nothing changes, where does this leave us in the future?

I live & breathe, literally every moment of my day with awareness of a better world for our children, with honesty & love at the core of all that is. To eat whole foods from gardens free of chemicals, to breathe fresh air & water free of chemicals, to have the free will to live our lives in harmony with nature & to live in a world that respects us as individuals, with truth as our right.

These are the fundamental values I hold dear as I create with natures’ goodness, the Skin Kiss & Hot Dogs range of products.

Thank you for your respect & support & may you feel a little ray of sunshine in every bottle

Goodness in every creation

Kate Enjoying Yoga At the Beach

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