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Sun Care FAQ

Q 1 Do I use TANNED or SUN every day to build up a tan?

Q 2 Can I maintain my tan after summer?

Q 3 What is the difference between SUN and TANNED?

Q 4 Do I need to use a body lotion or other skin care products whilst using SKIN KISS SUN CARE range?

Q 5 Can I use SUN & TANNED as moisturisers as well as tanning lotion/oils?

Q 6 Do I need to wash my hands after use to avoid the oil or lotion staining my hands?

Q 7 Will SUN or TANNED stain my clothes?

Q 8 Does SUN or TANNED have any residue odour like a fake tan?

Q 9 Do I need to be careful applying SUN or TANNED to rough areas of my skin like my elbows or knees or hand knuckles, due to uneven skin colouration of these areas?

Q 10 What is the difference between SUN and other cheaper sunbathing oil blends on the market?  

Q 11 Can I use TANNED as a tinted moisturiser for the face?  Like having a bare faced tan look!

Q 12 Can HYRDA be used as a multi-purpose moisturiser?

Q 13 Will my skin feel different when I apply Hydra on sunburn?

Q 14 How often should I reapply HYDRA with sun burn?

Q 15 What is the best way to use Sea Essence?

Q16 Can I use Sea Essence on my face?

Q17 Do I need to moisturise after using Sea Essence?

Q18 I have dry & sensitive skin, so what can I do for gentle but complete hydration, that will also help soothe & heal my skin?

Hot Dogs FAQ

Q 1 How do I dose Vital & calm?

Q 2 Can I over dose with Vital & Calm?

Q 3 I am also anxious when my dog is in fear, can I use Vital & Calm & Stay Calm for myself?

Q 4 Can I use Absolute Care crème on myself?

Q 5 I left products out of the fridge, will they still be ok?

Q 6 How often can I apply the crème & soothe & Repair spray?

Q 7 What can do to increase my dog’s general health & wellbeing?