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Hot Dogs Philosophy

Naturopathic Pet Care Range for Dogs

ASCLEPIUS, THE Greek patron saint of medicine, always taught that:

dogs are the most “clever” of the creatures because they know best what wild weeds to select & eat to cure all canine ailments.

The Story

A friend, a well-known Australian breeder, asked me, a clinical naturopath, to develop a natural range of alternative, safe & effective products designed to treat the many skin & nervous system aliments prevalent with dogs today.  Mandy & Glen‘s passion & knowledge for Staffy’s-Staffordshire Bull Terriers & all animals, I have to say, is genuine & inspiring.  Combined with my mother earth love for all which requires healing, gave life to HOT DOGS.

As a child growing up, our family had dogs.  It was a different time, when the only thing that would go wrong with their health was if they got out & were hit by a car.  The concept of diseases that are prevalent today, were not common & I never heard of a dog back then contracting cancer or asthma. And this time wasn’t that long ago!

Dogs, at one time in history use to be free to roam & free to be dogs with their instincts intact. Today dogs are owned & regulated by the system with rules governing their lives.   They are micro chipped & drugged from the moment they are born.  The creature that used to be free, is no longer so.  The diet & lifestyle of dogs is very different & artificial & the health of the animals is reflecting this shift from nature.  There are now a recorded 160 different skin diseases listed for dogs.  With the skin being the largest elimination organ of the body, this shocking trend reflects the state of internal health of the animal. It is time to reflect & to get back to basics.

Dogs need to be dogs, having plenty of time in nature, exercising, frolicking & allowing to muck up!   The spirit & nervous system health of man’s best friend required this connection with nature.  There needs to be a balance between the way our dogs live in our world & I believe, it is essential for US not to use our dogs as teddy bears & to humanise them to the point that they become an extension of the owner, rather than allowing the dog to be a dog!  They thrive on love & being in their natural state & eating a suitable diet, such as the BARF (Bones & Raw Food) diet.  This principle of eating RAW bones, meat & veggies is an excellent foundation to improving the dog’s skin, coat/fur & it is essential for their general health, including dental hygiene.

As a naturopath I practice natural medicine & obviously I am not a vet, but the basic principles of a healthy life remain the same.  When asked to do a dog range, I was intrigued first to know what was going on with dogs’ health from a breeders stand point & am now equally passionate about helping our fury friends, as much as I do humans.  I am a dog lover.  Dogs have this ability to melt my heart, the way they look up to us, have the most extraordinary unconditional love & one glance with their soulful eyes & I am putty in their hands!!  We have a lot to learn from these incredible animals

The philosophy

The foundation that flows through the entire Skin Kiss range & creation of HOT DOGS is that Nature Knows Best.   Creating a product line that uses only pure & natural ingredients & absolutely no chemicals whatsoever!  The foundations are based on the KISS principle of-Keep it Simply Sublime, using the elements from the natural world to impart a healing response that is already wired in your pet’s DNA.  Getting back to a basic understanding of the cause of dis-ease & then treating the imbalances, naturally, is essential to the products.

We are a small family business that is dedicated to providing serious solutions for your beloved pet.

Naturopathic Principles & practices

The product range is lovingly hand-made & bottled with the care & attention to detail, with each product full of natural goodness, including:


               Organic Minerals


               Essential Oils

               Pure Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Oils

The Naturopathic principles of first DO NO HARM is the bottom line, with:

              NO Chemicals

              NO Fillers

              NO artificial Fragrances

              NO Preservatives

Duo 1.  Soothe & Repair & Absolute Care for premium anti-inflammatory crème & wound repair

Duo 2. Stay Calm & Vital & Calm for anxiety & nervous system support

Your dog as nature intended: vital & full of life!