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What people are saying about Hot Dogs:

I gave some Vital & Calm to Lulu as soon as I got home and I can see a HUGE difference in her! She just sat still through a car trip too, which I don’t think she has ever done! I gave her the 5mls but I think she spat up half of it so I will just try her on 2.5mls next time.

Amazing stuff – thanks again!

– Michelle
Churchill Gippsland VIC

I was struggling to heal my dogs hot spots without resorting to cortisone and antibiotics. I decided to give the Absolute Care & Soothe & Repair a shot, within a couple of days we saw a huge improvement and they had disappeared & healed within two weeks. Of course a natural diet is also paramount, but this product is amazing, cost effective & most importantly all natural!

Can’t recommend this product enough!  Thanks Kate.

– Mandy & Glenn
Linwest Staffordshire Bull Terriers VIC

My 14 year old dog had become quite unsettled at night wanting to pace the house. I tried the Stay Calm & Vital & calm together as an alternative to sedating him. It made a big difference to his ability to relax and actually sleep.

I would definitely recommend this product…

– Carol K