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FAQ Hot Dogs

Q 1 How do I dose Vital & calm?

Dosing Guide, please refer to ……..

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Q 2 Can I over dose with Vital & Calm?

The tonic is a pure & 100% natural herbal & mineral tonic that cannot harm your pet. Recommendation is to start with a smaller dose, wait & see for desired response, before repeating dose. It is always better to start small & add, rather than to start big & give too much; as dogs are very sensitive & quickly respond to volatile oils.



Q 3 I am also anxious when my dog is in fear, can I use Vital & Calm & Stay Calm for myself?

YES, this is the amazing quality of the entire HOT DOGS range, all products are made to be effective & safe for humans. Stay Calm being an aerosol sprays can be breathed in by anyone in the home, even babies, therefore it must be 100% pure & beneficial to all ages. Vital & calm can be used by an adult if need be!



Q 4 Can I use Absolute Care crème on myself?

YES, all products are pure & natural & Absolute Care is full of active ingredients that are regenerative, soothing & anti-aging to all skins. Pets deserve the best treatment & that means the best; the Skin Kiss philosophy is that we doesn’t differentiate between human & pet in terms of quality.



Q 5 I left products out of the fridge, will they still be ok?

YES, but refrigeration will extend the shelf life of ALL these natural products.

Natural preservative action: pure essential oils are used in every product as natural preservatives & will help with the shelf life of the range.

  • Aerosols: Soothe & Repair & Stay Calm can stay out of the fridge, but we still recommend you refrigerate for a longer shelf life
  • Absolute Care Crème: is highly active & full of pure oils that do need to be kept out of direct sunlight for any period of time; in order to protect the healing potential of the rich crème. Refrigeration also increasing the cooling effect of the crème for the pet that is suffering from itchy inflamed skin.
  • The internal tonic: Vital & Calm must remain refrigerated or cooled & should not be out of fridge for any length of time.



Q 6 How often can I apply the crème & soothe & Repair spray?

As often as you feel the dogs skin requires. 100% natural products work very differently to chemical alternatives, in that they work with the bodies innate healing processes & can be used often.

  • General application use topical spray & crème 3 – 4 times per day
  • Highly inflamed & irritated skin that requires regular disinfecting, soothing & nourishment/healing: can apply regularly up to 8 times per/day.
  • Recovering skin: continue application regularly to maximise healing & prevent reoccurrence



Q 7 What can do to increase my dog’s general health & wellbeing?

Diet is everything, to quote Hippocrates: food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food! The naturopathic approach & the Skin Kiss philosophy is for dogs to follow their natural diet from nature & that is well summarised in the organic BARF diet protocols of: bone & raw food.

Be aware of chemical use & exposure to self & your pet. Hundreds of thousands of different chemicals are marketed worldwide. Of these 5000 are produced in quantities over 10 tonnes a year and 1500 are produced in quantities over 1000 tonnes year. Pets are exposed to harmful chemicals from birth & are heavily marketed with a toxic range of products, such as flee powders & sprays & all the medications given routinely.

Each and every second 310 Kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by industrial facilities around the world http://www.worldometers.info/view/toxchem/

For more details on the chemicals in our world & the harm this is causing us all, visit: http://www.planetagenda.com/chemicals.htm

A Skin Kiss philosophy we hold dear is:

Be the change you wish to see in the world    Mahatma Gandhi

It is time that we all need to take responsibility for our part in this destruction of our natural world. We are a part of the organic carbon based structure & require minerals for our existence; not chemicals. Do your best & enjoy the fact that there are alternatives that align to nature & your beloved pets.