Pure & Natural Handcrafted Naturopathic Skin Care

Terms & Conditions/Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

1. Terms & Conditions

Skin Kiss is a small family business that is founded on simple virtues of integrity & in compliance with natural laws. In upholding these values to you, the customer, we in turn request that you respect & use our products & website with the knowledge you have done so with free will & personal integrity.  We value your custom & right to quality products which Skin Kiss upholds with simple Terms & Conditions as stated.

1.1 Purchasing terms & Conditions

With the purchase of any Skin Kiss products comes Care Instructions of use.

It is up to the individual to ensure the natural products are cared for in accordance with the directions.

The directions of use & storage are only suggestions & it is up to each person to take full responsibility for personal up keep of their purchased goods.

1.2 Warranty terms & Conditions

Each product has a suggested used by date & comes with a recommendation of refrigeration for extending the life of the natural products.

As the products are free of chemical preservatives, it is advised to follow care instructions.

Skin Kiss does not guarantee that the products will not degrade quicker with mishandling or non compliance of care instructions.

1.3 Warranty, Good will  & Fair Trading Terms & Conditions

Skin Kiss warranty is proud to apply individual case by case good will if products are deemed faulty within the first two weeks of purchase.

1.4 Replacement Policy

Skin Kiss will, in accordance with individual agreement, replace, free of charge any faulty product, on receipt of returned products.

Returned products will be inspected in accordance with our good will & fair trading, with the possibility of entering into a discussion to come to an amicable agreement to keep you- the customer happy.  At any time we feel the case is not warranted, Skin Kiss holds the right to uphold our decision, without recompense.

1.5 Damaged Goods in Transit

If Skin Kiss products become damaged in transit/post & individual can verify this with photographic evidence, on receipt of returned damaged goods, Skin Kiss will offer replicate replacement products.


Postage costs for return products will be paid by Skin Kiss.

With this good will offered to you, we request you send the damaged goods back as cheaply as possible to support our loyalty to you!

2.  Disclaimer

2.1 Product Standardisation

Skin Kiss products are natural & handcrafted therefore products may have a slight variation from batch to batch.

Any complaint due to a product being slightly different, hold no merit for refund or replacement of product.

Consideration of any complaint will be noted for happy customer service.

2.2 Common Law & Universal Divine Contract

Our business practices are bound ONLY by common law which abides with a mutual respect for all human interactions in accordance to:

Free will & Do No Harm.

2.3 Website Use

Any viewing, use or application of information given on the Skin Kiss website is done so willingly by YOU a free person who chooses so.

2.4 Website Content, Written Material & Images

Skin Kiss cannot be held liable for any content of material published on the website.

All material is created as information purposes only & can be accepted or not accepted by the viewer/user of our website.

We ask for you to respect our right to freedom of speech & the value we hold dear to our truth.

2.5 Website & Medical Claims

All material written on the Skin Kiss website is our opinion & may correspond to the opinions of many people who have wonderful knowledge of healing.  We are all human beings & have the god given right to access knowledge which has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is up to you to decide what is right for you.

No one governing body, corporation, or person has a right to enforce or coerce, bully or intimidate another human being with consideration to the health of a person. Hence, Skin Kiss does not endorse such alien behaviour.

2.5 Product Content & Medical Claims

In relation to Skin Kiss products, we provide our creative thought to give helpful information on products & their possible benefits in accordance to ancient knowledge, which we feel can be of great value.

3. Privacy Policy

Skin Kiss respects the right of every individual to be free & therefore have their privacy upheld at all times, under the jurisdiction of Common Law.

We fully respect & safeguard any personal data you provide us in confidence.

3.1 Website Shopping Online Security

We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorised access to the website shopping system we have in place for your convenience.  We are confident you, the customer, will also find the website good to navigate for an easy shopping experience.

3.2 Unlawful Breech of Privacy

NO corporation or entity has the right to interfere with any private communication you, as customer, have with us, Skin Kiss & its partners.

At all times our relationship with you, the customer &/or visitor to our website, is held in accordance to the Common Law divine right of every individual to personal privacy.

Skin Kiss is not liable if there is a breech of our website by unlawful persons or corporate entities practicing outside the boundaries of our knowledge & that of the Common Law.

Any breech would be harmful to all of our rights as private persons.

Rectification of any unlawful breech of privacy will be dealt with immediately.