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TANNED is a multi-purpose tan enhancing body crème, comprising 12 organic, extra virgin & cold pressed healing oils, packed with vitamins, such as: B’s, C, A, E, D, K, Omegas 9, 3, 6, linoleic acid (CLA), gamma-linolenic oil (GLA), beta carotene & rich in vital minerals, flavonoids & antioxidants ; making TANNED a healing super food for your skin.

The multiple benefits include: an immediate glowing skin with a natural hydration barrier whilst bathing, a sun sheltering affect found naturally in the ancient oils, multiple healing & anti-inflammatory actions which nourish & rejuvenate the skin; providing the vital Glow in Your Skin effect.

TANNED can be used as a bronzing anti-aging body lotion for everyday use & is amazing as a tan enhancer/maintainer. Use daily for this purpose & enjoy the compliments when people notice the summer glow long after summer is over. It is normal for people to ask: have you been on holiday? When you say: no! The response is: Wow, it looks like you have spent 3 weeks in Bali! This is the attraction of a healthy skin that truly glows with health & vitality with a product that naturally provides this in one bottle!

We recommend you thoroughly massage the lotion in to the skin for a healthy coverage & morning & night application will provide a lovely glow all year round.

TANNED is NOT a fake tan, has no fillers, artificial fragrances, colours or preservatives; it is chemical free. Each product is handmade with care & love



TANNED is a pure & unique tanning lotion, rich in ancient oils & herbs; handcrafted with naturopathic knowledge to stimulate & enrich a healthy deep lasting tan. Regular use nourishes, rejuvenates & provides a golden glow to the skin. To use all year round for tan maintenance, or to increase tanning over summer with regular use. This is NOT a fake tan and contains no harmful DHA (dehydroxyactetone).

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