Pure & Natural Handcrafted Naturopathic Skin Care

Skin Kiss Philosophy

The Glow In Your Skin motto of Skin Kiss is the foundation of what we are lovingly creating across our entire skin care range. Products filled with natures’ foods, which feed the skin with nutritional goodness enhancing beauty naturally.

The Skin Kiss core principle is: nature knows best.

We value & apply ancient wisdom & knowledge of herbs & oils that have been used in skin care for thousands of years. With naturopathic principles of natural healing & incorporating the fundamental four elements of life, the sun, air, water & earth, we have created a range that is holistic & in tune with the universal laws of nature.

We are passionate about the truth & how we can play a part in the reconstruction of a better planet, by what we as individuals do on a daily basis to make a difference. To quote Mahatma Gandhi: be the change you wish to see in the world. This is a mantra that we hold close to our hearts, as part of our philosophy.

The website is information based, to provide an informative discussion on the harm that is occurring with chemical use in food & lifestyle products. We are proud to be active in providing simple food for thought solutions for a healthy & viable future.

Launching with the Sun Care range has been the hallmark of our intent, to create a multi-purpose skin care range that enhances skin health & glow whilst enjoying the health benefits of the sun.

We are excited to also include HOT DOGS, a skin care duo & herbal range for dogs, man’s best friend, who are divinely connected to nature & deserve products that align to this principle.

The Skin KISS – Keep it Simply Sublime is aligned to our principles of getting back to basics & utilising what nature has provided for 100’s of 1000’s of years, in creating products that are 100% natural & full of energetically vibrant skin food which truly results in YOU glowing in your skin.