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Sun Care Tips

SKIN KISS total sun health this summer

Sun is the most important energy for life & is the most powerful; so taking care, listening to your body’s needs & knowing when you have had enough sun for the day, is a vitally important part of the Skin Kiss sun care recommendations.

Everyone responds differently to the sun. Age, ethnicity, health, pharmaceutical drug history, diet, level of hydration (not just in the moment, but the long term history of the persons hydration), the country & seasons (including latitude & elevation, snow reflection or wind factor). The belief system & attitudes held by an individual about the sun & its effects, the current dogmas generated by the system, that holds the sun responsible as cancer causing warns us about the sun, causing fears about cancer & ageing; all play a part in the way we respond to & utilise sun health. For a comprehensive coverage of the sun’s health benefits & truth about cancer refer to: The truth about the Sun


1. Stay well hydrated: with regular filtered water.  The average adult should be drinking 2.5 to 3 litres, regularly over the day, to maintain healthy cells & mindfulness.  Children have a larger skin to body surface area & are usually very active, thus regular filtered water consumption for infants & children is vital especially when outdoors & in the sun.  Dehydration occurs without us knowing & this is why regular intake is essential. A healthy body will indicate with the thirst sensation, when you need to hydrate.  But the rule of thumb is: that if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated; hence the body’s mechanisms, telling you to drink.  Chronic (long term) dehydrated people will generally loose their thirst, which is a serious problem, leading to serious symptoms of dis’ease; so it is not a good idea to wait until you are thirsty to drink.  Drinking too much at one time is also not optimal, as this will deplete minerals which are also vital for health.  So, mindful, regular clean & unfluoridated water consumption whilst in the sun is protective to you & your skin.

It is important to drink filtered water as tap water in most regions of Australia has been chlorinated & fluoridated.  Sodium fluoride & sodium silicofluoride & hydrofluorosilicic acid are extremely toxic chemicals which are by products of the fertilizer, steel, nuclear & alluminum industries.  This is the fluoride added to our water supply & not pharmaceutical grade or natural fluoride, as promoted by government, but industrial chemical waste poisons. This is what a former US EPA scientist says about fluoride in drinking water: Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century if not, of all time.  Dr Robert Carton, Ph.D.

For the more on this topic: Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTfyo0Xz_c

2. Gradually increase exposure to the sun; especially if fair skinned: priming your skin slowly will allow the natural melanin of the skin to protect & build up to a glowing tan. Regular short bursts of sun exposure will provide the best results & you can even improve your own skins tolerance over time, applying this method.

Likewise, a person who avoids sun exposure will develop a greater sensitivity to it. Constant sunscreen use & sun avoidance will increase phot0sensitivity. Fair skinned people can, with care increase sun tolerance safely.  It is very important to begin gentle & regular sun exposure in the morning or later afternoon sun & avoid peak times between 12-3 pm initially.  The time for exposing the skin can be as little as 5 minutes each period, until the skin is more used to the sun.  Covering up the skin with clothing & moving to a shady area is preferable once the exposure time is reached for the sensitive individual.  Infants & babies should fall under this category.  For a more concise guide, refer to: SKIN TYPES & SUN EXPOSURE TIME.

3.Reduce exposure at the peak times between 12 midday & 3pm: when the sun is at its most intense. This time frame of higher sun penetration does vary, as weather conditions do alter, as does UV ray intensity.

4. Use common sense: had enough sun, then move: to the shade, sit under a tree or make you own shade with a beach shelter. Cover up with light cotton or hemp natural fibre cloth that is loose fitting and breezy, to allow circulation and is affective at blocking the UV rays. Wear a hat & be mindful that when bathing, the refreshing cooler water can give a false perception of how hot it really is; special care is needed for children as they also have little concept of time when having fun playing at the beach, lake, river or pool. Wind can also give us a cool refreshing sensation, taking the sting out of the sun. Again be mindful to take this consideration when exposed to a beautiful sea breeze, for example.

5. Eat a whole diet rich in antioxidants: such fresh, raw & brightly coloured fruit & vegetables. As a naturopath this is one of the most important elements to life; how, what & when we eat!  Eating seasonally is smart, as nature knows best, what to provide & at what time.  Summer fruit & vegetables contain a lot of water, are rich in vitamins & minerals providing skin health from within. Antioxidants help scavenge free radicals, which are damaged cellular processes that contributes to aging. Thus such a diet increases cellular rejuvenation to the whole body from the inside out.  Chosen by natural selection seasonal food is the perfect choice; so instead of going for the ice cream as a cool treat, how about a freshly prepared watermelon & berries full of natural water & packed with those clever antioxidants that fight aging & at the same time repair our cells?!  Or think of a tropical island; what food source should be available?  Coconuts!  A most hydrating & nourishing whole food for the right environment; a drink & fibre dense carbohydrates & healthy fat,s all in one.  Here nature is at her most splendid, lighting the way with the energy of the universal sun absorbed in the magnificent foods which are perfect healing medicines. Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food, says it all.

6. Eat According to the Seasons: Spring & summer months are about detoxing from the more dense foods eaten in the autumn & winter months. Thus it is vital that we alter our diet to the seasonal circadian rhythms of earth for optimal health. And as the skin is the outer reflection of the inner body, diet is one of the most, if not the most important element to glowing & radiant sun kissed skin.

7. Avoid artificial sugar in any form: especially in drink form due to the extreme amount of sugar present; be aware that bottled fruit juices also have high sugar content & are not the healthy alternatives that they are marketed to be. Avoid fizzy drinks altogether & NEVER EVER consume diet drinks; the majority contain an extremely toxic chemical called aspartame (E951) or neotame (E961), which convert to formaldehyde & accumulates in the body, with deadly consequences.  Aspartame is often written on labels as phenylalanine. For more on this toxin: http://aspartame.mercola.com/

8. Avoid trans fats: these are the vegetable oils heated to high temperatures causing the fat to be carcinogenic & a leading contributing factor to heart disease, lifestyle induced diabetes & obesity. Foods such as potato chips/crisps are high in trans fats & are usually also very high in sodium, MSG and other harmful chemical additives used for flavourings. Be wary as labelling laws are designed to trick the unassuming customer with umbrella terms such as flavours, which hide a multitude of unlisted chemical additives. Did you know that there are many versions of MSG such as malt & yeast extracts which do not have to be classified on the label as MSG; this is how they hide it in clearly stated No added MSG on the packaging.  Be informed & become your own health investigator.

9. Sun screen use: it is our policy at Skin Kiss to treat the skin holistically. Sun screens do not fall under this category as they contain harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens. They block UV-B rays responsible for vitamin D production and a mechanism that blocks the process of the skin turning red (which is the skins natural process signalling enough sun). This mechanism of blocking the burning effect can give a false sense of security and still allows the deeper damage to occur. See more on the scientific truth about sunscreens not being told by the mainstream industries making billions of dollars every year under the Sun Smart & Cancer Council slogan.

10. Keep the skin well hydrated: with topical applications to the skin with the optimal internal hydration (see point No. 1). In conjunction with healthy internal hydration, skin health, especially whilst in the sun or the outdoors, is maximised by placing a natural barrier of pure oils from the earth that have been used for thousands of years as a sun shelter. Skin Kiss SUN, TANNED & HYDRA are created for this purpose, with the added knowledge of nutritional, homoeopathic & herbal medicine application to the products. These products are designed to shelter, hydrate, nourish, heal & create a slight barrier to the skin; protecting it from the elements, but also enhancing the healing benefits.  The additional benefit of  SUN & TANNED is that they contain herbal & carotenoid oil pigments to naturally enhance a gorgeous healthy tan with the sun’s help of course. Re-apply every 1-2 hours or after swimming & massage well into the skin as these products are skin food. The hydration will create a natural barrier affect & the more one re-applies the oils/lotions, the more nourishment the skin receives. If you have enough colour, use HYDRA as a blissful hydrant whilst in the sun. This too has a nourishing & natural sun shelter effect.


This is an approximate guide only. 

Please exercise good judgemennt & common sense whilst in the sun.  YOU know yourself best!






Every person is unique & whether fair skinned, dark or somewhere inbetween, we all feel differently about our outer appearance.  We live in a material world where stereo typical images of beauty are hammered into our consciousness from the moment we exist. The most important process is to love oneself, & love the natural environment of which we are one. Nature & being human is the most vital part of who we are. Be happy in your skin & radiate a sense of wellness from within. The Sun Care Tips are just a guide & we trust they are useful for you!!


Having fun in the sun, outdoors & in a beautiful environmental setting is the best medicine of all; not only for health in general, but for our hearts, minds, spirit & soul. Letting go of the programmed fears that do not serve us (such as the slogan; there is no safe tan) & empowering self with knowledge that is free & is benefitting not only humanity but the collective consciousness of our planet. Think about it, how can we be organic & from the Earth & not be a part of the very mechanisms of the four elements to all life on this planet; the SUN, AIR, EARTH & WATER.

Being out in nature increases our vibration, in fact the earth has a frequency of 7.83Hz that is shared by humans; this is called the *Schumann Resonance. When we are connected physically to the earth, we return to our natural healing frequency of 7.83Hz; a miracle of nature. All of us sense instinctively, the feeling of wellbeing when we are in the country or even at a park or at the beach. The further away one gets from electromagnetic smog, which interferes with our natural frequency, the quicker one readjusts to the natural state of being.

So replace fear with respect, take care & have some fun in the sun this summer.

*Schumann Resonance for Human Health.