Pure & Natural Handcrafted Naturopathic Skin Care

FAQ Sun Care

Q 1 Do I use TANNED or SUN every day to build up a tan?

A 1 It depends on the level of glow you wish to achieve and the type and colour of your skin. Initially regular use will create a layer effect of a natural glow; noting that a gap in use, your colour will naturally fade.

Regular use including sun exposure, you can develop a gorgeous tan that does remain months in to the colder months; especially if you use SUN whilst tanning and TANNED to maintain the glow.

Longer & regular use you will be able to alter your skins tolerance to the sun and have a beautiful skin tone

As the creator of the SUN CARE range, I have used my products solely now for two years. My skin has transformed itself from a fair skin-type 2 to type 3 (see SKIN TYPES & SUN TIME EXPOSURE chart). What I have found most remarkable is that my skin tolerance to sun exposure is completely different now. It is exciting because it has been a lifelong dream to have tanned skin that is glowing with health and vitality.

I can enjoy being in the sun and the colour of my skin is a golden radiant colour that people comment on. I have people tell me, that my skin looks so healthy and doesn’t have the dry look that is so synonymous with regular sun exposure over many years. I have achieved a level of permanent colour which alters with less sun exposure over the winter months.



Q 2 Can I maintain my tan after summer & in to the winter months?

A2 YES, TANNED is the lotion to use daily & through winter for that extra glow.   This is the time people really start to notice you are glowing.

In the cooler months Director of SkinKiss says: “I get people asking me if I have been away on holiday, as my skin is visibly glowing and has a radiant look of someone who has just spent two weeks in Bali.”

If you manage to get half an hour or so of northern sun in autumn/winter, you will notice the combination of the lotions (TANNED or SUN) and a little sun exposure will indeed keep your skin looking sun kissed through these cooler months. This practice of taking the time to relax in a northerly aspect in winter is not only good for your skin; it is good for the soul. You will feel so much better for taking the time to connect with the sun, as it boasts your immune system, increases serotonin (the happy hormone) and relaxes your nervous system. Your heart responds in kind, blood pressure regulates and we even breathe more oxygen in when we are in this happy and relaxed state; what a bonus to radiant skin all the way through the seasons.



Q 3 What is the difference between SUN and TANNED?

A 3 SUN is an oil that is designed for the beach or pool or any outdoor activity where you want to have enhance tanning with sun shelter, hydrate & nourish the skin at the same time. TANNED is an oil based lotion for the same purpose, but also has multi functions of a tan enhancing lotion & a body lotion that can be used all year round to provide a lovely glow to the skin. Tanned is also a better option for lighter skin types1 & 2, (Refer to: Skin Types & Sun Exposure Chart in Sun Care Tips), as it provides a different hydration coverage & will better suit the skin types that are prone to burning.



Q 4 Do I need to use a body lotion or other skin care products whilst using SKIN KISS SUN CARE range?

A 4 NO it’s a personal choice but it is good to remember that SUN & TANNED are multi-purpose products and function as a moisturiser/hydrant, whilst nourishing the skin to radiant health.                                                     The multiple functions are: (HHHARP)

  • Handcrafted with naturopathic knowledge of herbs and skin nutrition
  • Hydration & restoring valuable moisture to the skin (especially HYDRA)
  • Healing to any parts of the skin that requires active nutrition
  • Anti-aging as a result of the high concentration of pure active skin food within each product
  • Rejuvenation to all skin types
  • Protection with a sun shelter action

It is useful to keep in mind, that many products on the market use a wide range of artificial perfumes, colours, fillers & chemical alternatives to more expensive natural ingredients. These products actually dry out the skin, creating a need for more and you are consuming the unwanted ingredients in to your body via the skin filter.

The SKIN KISS range will be evolving to include a general body lotion & a face crème; until these are available, I would recommend using TANNED as the body lotion with a glow and HYDRA as the body lotion without a tanning effect. Both can be used on the face. HYDRA is a light lotion suitable for normal to oily skin types; for more mature or dry skin add a small amount of TANNED. Mix & match to suit your lifestyle & mood!



Q 5 Can I use SUN & TANNED as moisturisers as well as tanning lotion/oils?

A 5 YES, the KISS principle of keep it simple means you have the option of reducing the need for surplus consumption of products by using a one in all lotion. This is particularly practical whilst on holidays when you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff.

As mentioned above, it is important to understand the nature of products and what they are really doing to your skin & health; then you can make a personal choice as to what suits you best.

When I am on holidays I love the simplicity of just having the 4 products; SEA ESSENCE for the invigoration of my skin when I shower to refresh, HYDRA for the rejuvenating lotion at the end of the day, and SUN whilst playing in the sun and TANNED for everyday use.



Q 6 Do I need to wash my hands after use to avoid the oil or lotion staining my hands?

A 6 NO, SUN & TANNED are NOT FAKE TANS. If your palms look a different tone of colour, this will wash away at any time you wash your hands; there is no staining effect like with a fake tan where you have to wash your hand immediately.


Q 7 Will SUN or TANNED stain my clothes?

A 7 Caution is needed due to the natural pigments found in the oils & herbs, which do discolour fabric. Special care is needed with direct contact with clothing & it is advisable to rinse the item of clothing as soon as possible. If you are at the beach or pool & you get some drops on your towel, just rinse towel with the sea or pool water. When applying to skin, wait for a moment & be sure to massage the oil or crème in to your skin thoroughly, before putting clothes on. Be careful when wearing lighter coloured clothing whilst applying the lotion or oil. The good news is that any slight discolouration that occurs with use & wear, does easily wash out in the wash.


Q 8 Does SUN or TANNED have any residue odour like a fake tan?

A 8 NO, both products have high levels of pure essential oils that provide a natural perfume bouquet. The many different oils create a layer of aromas that are so gentle and provide a beautiful earthy fragrance. People comment on how lovely it smells and it is so natural that bees are attracted to the fragrance.



Q 9 Do I need to be careful applying SUN or TANNED to rough areas of my skin like my elbows or knees or hand knuckles, due to uneven skin colouration of these areas?

A 9 NO, they are NOT FAKE TANS. Applying the products to these areas will in fact benefit the dryer skin. Rub the lotion or oil in well with a good massaging action to maximise absorption. Your skin will feel nourished and look younger due to the unique blend of nutrients aiding the natural skin function.



Q 10 What is the difference between SUN and other cheaper sunbathing oil blends on the market?                                                                                                                                                                

A 10 Firstly you get what you pay for. I do not know of any product that compares to SUN. The level of active ingredients is as high as 98%. The knowledge that has gone in to creating the oil is holistic and handcrafted with essential elements from nature makes SUN unique. Generally speaking from experience commercial oil blends for sunbathing have a mineral oil base and is mass produced for an unassuming consumer market that is not aware or doesn’t care about putting toxic ingredients on their skin. The main attraction for this group is number one, price/ being cheap or an illusion of value for money & an attractive smell. Mineral oils are bi-products of the petroleum industry and are toxic and have a drying effect on our skin. Fillers allow cheaper products to fill the ingredient volume with more water and cheap oils. It is this combination that is the illusion of value to the customer.

In contrast SUN has NO fillers, chemicals and has very low water content. The generous combination of pure oils infused with herbs, vitamins and minerals, and the fact that every bottle of SUN is handmade with love and integrity makes it a living & energetic creation that is truly unique and valuable.



Q 11 Can I use TANNED as a tinted moisturiser for the face? Like having a bare faced tan look!

A 11 YES, you can avoid foundation all together & achieve a natural healthy glow using TANNED. You can however, place a light foundation over the top for whatever look you wish to achieve, or a powder to reduce the depth of glow or shine. It is such an individual thing, so, regardless of what you use, TANNED is a versatile all – rounder!

The more you apply the holistic naturopathic healthy lifestyle tips your skin will reflect your internal health. Increased health creates a self confidence that is noticeable and a skin that radiates. The more radiant one looks the less need or impulse there is to cover the beautiful skin with a foundation; plus putting chemicals on a healthy glowing skin doesn’t makes sense anymore. The beauty is in being beautiful from the inside out and then compliment & nourishing your skin with real skin food.



Q12 Can HYRDA be used as a multi-purpose moisturiser?

A12 YES, it is more than that as it is a highly healing moisturiser!! SO a big YES to that one!!!



Q13 Will my skin feel different when I apply HYDRA on sunburn?

A13 The first response when applying HYDRA to the affected skin is cooling & hydration. The skin however, will release the heat, which you may feel as a warmth after the initial cooling sensation has subsided. With each application the skin will cool and healing takes place.



Q 14 How often should I reapply HYDRA to sun burn?

A 14 Reapplying HYDRA every 10 or 20 minutes to half an hour, depending on the burn, will provide soothing relief. The regularity of use can be reduced after the heat sensation has subsided. To give optimal rejuvenation keep applying HYDRA for a few days, as you would a normal body creme; this will also prevent peeling skin. If you have severe sunburn, the skin may peel, but continual application of HYDRA will speed up restoration of the new skin. Keeping in mind that everyone skin is different so adapting the product for your skin type and situation is important.


Q 15 What is the best way to use SEA ESSENCE?

A 15 SEA ESSENCE can be used anytime during a bath or shower. As one of the directors of SkinKiss says: “I love to use this product in the shower before bed. Your skin will be silky smooth upon waking up as you have kept your body moisturised all night long with very active ingredients penetrating into the skin”.



Q16 Can I use Sea Essence on my face?

A16 Yes, SEA ESSENCE is a versatile & gentle scrub for the face & body that leaves your skin nourished & hydrated long after use.


Q17 Do I need to moisturise after using SEA ESSENCE?

A17 No, for the busy no fuss person you can rely on SEA ESSENCE to give an all over skin hydration that is light & nourishing.


Q18 I have dry & sensitive skin, so what can I do for gentle but complete hydration, that will also help soothe & heal my skin?

A18 To being with SEA ESSENCE is a wonderfully gentle & healing scrub that will help start the process of removing dead or unhealthy skin cells from the upper layer of your skin (the epidermis)!. The zeolite mineral dense clay will aid in a detoxification process & the sea salt will cleanse & provide the circulation that your sensitive skin requires. To add to the moisture lingering from the scrub you can now layer with either HYDRA or TANNED to maximise the effect you are after. HYDRA for a general coverage & TANNED for that extra glow in your skin.