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The Sun & You

Who are WE & what are we doing here?!

There is creation & there is the sun, which is the life force on this planet.  YOU wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for the SUN!

The sun fills plants & all organic matter on the surface of this planet with its vital energy; called photon light.  In fact, with this energy, everything lives & vibrates in harmony with the universal energies that sustain life here on earth.  The more photon light we maintain in our DNA, the more quality of life we maintain.  Quantum physics have proven the existence of intelligent universes (source field) & photon light, with years of scientific deductions & experiments.  Over 10,000 papers investigating the Source Field were published by 1996 alone; with more than half of them from brilliant Russian scientists. If you are interested in knowing more about what they don’t teach you at school, I recommend a fascinating read & a starting point: The Source Field Investigations, by author David Wilcock.  This is a book that is a compilation of the science that the government system to date does not want you to know.  So, we think, it is a good thing to be empowered & to have the opportunity to re educate yourself!!

The point here is, that WE & the world are far more exciting than what we are being told we are.  Mainstream media wants us to believe the world is to be feared & human don’t impact anything of significance, unless we have a lot of money, which equates to power. We are taught to believe that we are at the mercy of government systems, put in place to protect us, from ….so many things!  This is far from the truth & this is why they don’t want us to know that we are actually made up of light, which does impact the greater collective consciousness.

The exciting news is, that we humans are more than what we are told we are; we are extremely powerful beings, just like the sun & we are actually deeply connected to the natural world around us; in more ways than we are lead to think. Humans are light beings who require the photon light from the sun & universes for our existence.  We are transmitters of light & frequencies to the greater universes, which are made up thoughts & heart & soul & of what quantum science calls the source field, an intelligence/energy that communicates with everything- the one whole.

So, being told to stay out of the sun as it is bad for you, seems ludicrous & to be perfectly honest, harmful.  As a naturopath, I took an oath of DO NO HARM.  I am upholding this by speaking the truth & by sharing such thoughts to anyone who has found themselves attracted to this site.  Skin Kiss was founded on principles of truth & with a deep reverence to the natural world which was created by a divine power that only Loves.

We trust that you gain insight & empowerment with our sharing of thoughts & beautiful products.  May you glow in your skin & love the sun, draw in its energy & light & spread a little ray of sunshine with you where ever you go.

And if you find this world getting you down, remember

               YOU are a powerful light being made with pure & divine love & your presence is changing the world one person at a time! 


The artificially created world & the bottom line – Follow the money

The truth is without the sun there is no life on this planet.  Humans need the sun for food, for warmth & for the soul.  Instinctively we feel the sun is good for us & it makes us happy.  We look forward to the sunny days after a long & chilling winter & when we have that perfect day, when the sun shines warmly, there is a presence of calm, with a hint of breeze & the birds can be heard singing, if we are listening; all seems so good in the world.

But, we are living in a time in history where people are purposely being fed many lies at every turn & are kept busy making ends meet, to pay the next bill & to survive. There is information overload with ever changing communication technologies which work alongside mainstream media relentlessly pumping out mindless entertainment & heavily controlled news. Ninety percent of all world media is controlled by six mega corporations: General Electric, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time-Warner & CBS. There is no wonder that we are confused or being blindly steered away from what is simple, pure & true. Unless we can intuitively feel that there is something terribly wrong & start to think outside the box; corporations, motivated by greed & their own agendas, will steer humanity away from what is freely their right; the truth & to be free to choose to live in accordance to the universal laws of nature.

It is no wonder that we see major governmental organisations & spokespersons working for the invested corporations, espousing the benefits of staying out of the sun & the use of sun screens & fake tans, because, as they maintain, the sun is so dangerous to human health. See: Truth about the Sun for the factual evidence supporting sun health.

Even more ludicrous is a relatively new notion coined by the American Academy of Dermatology that humans don’t affectively assimilate vitamin D (under our skin) from the sun; recommending that the public, instead, obtain vitamin D safely from a healthy diet that includes food naturally rich in vitamin D, foods and beverages fortified with vitamin D, and/or dietary supplements, rather than by sun exposure or indoor tanning.”

Are we now supposed to believe that all their science is wrong? That we don’t really need the sun for vitamin D & that the sun is ineffectual in providing it?! But wait-drug companies have made an alternative synthetic vitamin D which is apparently better for you!!! And for a tan, just slap on the fake stuff!! Let’s forget all the holistic benefits that ONLY the SUN can give & let’s not abide by the natural law. As long as you pay for it, it has to be better for you, right?? And if medical science says so, it must be blindly believed! This, of course, is absurd.

Alternative & synthetic vitamin D sales is one of the fastest growing supplements in Europe, UK & the USA & alone in the United Kingdom a third of women & 1 in ten males use fake tans, fuelling an industry worth more over $200 million dollars a year. The market in so-called sun-care products appears to be thriving.  IBISWorld , a market research company, reports that US sunscreen product sales grew 4.2 percent a year between 2007 and 2012 and generated $1 billion annually (IBISWorld 2013).

Marketing the sun as the bad boy in this equation is big money for Big Pharma & any company that is riding on the notion that fake is better than the real thing & chemicals are protective & not harmful. This is a deliberate disinformation campaign to have people fearing the most important source of natural health to life on this planet.

People are programmed to fear the sun, put on a toxic cocktail of chemicals on their skin & think that FAKE is normal & FAKE is best. This is insane!